Ink in Gelatine, HD Video with recorded sound

9:27 minutes Solveig Settemsdal - Video Kathy Hinde - Sound

Singularity is an audio-visual collaboration between artists Solveig Settemsdal and Kathy Hinde. A point appears in a perceived void. Slowly expanding, its articulation grows increasingly deliberate; lines are created, crossed and bisected. Singularity explores a temporal and sculptural process of drawing in a fluid three- dimensional space through suspending white ink in cubes of gelatine. The concept of an expanding point is echoed in Hinde’s musical composition. Sounds evolve out of silence into clustered layers, drawing attention to the microscopic detail of the expanding abstract forms.

Commissioned by the Goldfield Ensemble, the composition is scored for string quartet and a bespoke new instrument created from resonating metal tynes salvaged from toy pianos.

The work is inspired by the concept of a Singularity. A singularity is a theoretical concept in space-time where all density converges. In technological terms the Singularity is the point where artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence and continues to accelerate and grow at an increasing rate. The video and sound work explores the idea of an expanding and contracting single point. The material, both visually and sonically, improvised with a limited palette in order to focus attention on the expansion and contraction of an abstract form.